Dear friends of music!

I would like to ask for your contribution to a musical piece called “GrenzenLOS”.

My  name is Martin Speicher, I am a musician/composer from Kassel, Germany, currently working on that piece "GrenzenLOS", pointing to the arbitrary situations refugees face at borders.
This word "GrenzenLOS" can be translated as a world "without borders", but in the German language the word "Los" means also fate or destiny.
The piece addresses the situation of refugees and asylum seekers in Europe and the world. Refugees are left to drown in the Mediterranean Sea or suffer under inhumane conditions at borders and refugee camps. There are many ways to protest and act against the oppression of refugees, but as a musician/composer I also propose a musical statement against that situation.

For this piece I ask for your contribution
- according to your possibilities to participate

The piece will be constructed the following way:
•    I'll prepare a basic track using sonar sounds and other materials, conveying the idea of a "border wall". You will not be able to listen to this track, as it is the unknown border your contributions will hit. I will then construct the final piece by combining these elements, often using randomness as a method.
•    Send me a max. 1-minute collection of sounds, field recordings, music, voice, noise… or whatever you see fit.
•    The sound quality can be anything, lofi or high-fi, but I prefer that you send me WAV, AIFF or mp3 files.
•    People who are not working in the area of sound are also invited to contribute.
•    If you have large files, please send them to me via WeTransfer or similar file transfer systems.
•    Deadline is February 28th, 2021.

The piece will be broadcast on Freies Radio Kassel, Mondays 8-10 pm CET in my radio show called "Fangschalltung", and maybe also by community radios in other countries. I will send you a copy after the piece is finished. I will register the piece with the German royalty organization GEMA, and all proceeds will be donated to the UN Refugees Agency (UNHCR).

If you have any questions, contact me via my
email address:

I hope we will hear from each other.

Many greetings

Martin Speicher


Radio Freies Kassel:

Weekly Radio Show: "Fangschalltung", Mondays 8-10 pm CET


Skype: Martin Speicher, Kassel, Musiker